Skin Care Tips

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Hey!  Pay Attention To These Skin Care Tips!

 All the skin care goop you can smear on, peel off or step into cannot help you if you donít do your part.  There is no instant solution for great skin Ė or even fairly decent skin.  Fortunately, these skin care tips will not only help your skin look its best, but will help every other part in your body, too.  Think of it as multitasking for your health!  And if you do decide to use any skin care product, they will work better for you because you gave them a fighting chance.

 Drink Plenty Of Water

 You need at least six glasses of water a day.  This is the least expensive and most overlooked skin care tip out there.  Water does not equal liquid.  Water, flavored waters and herbal teas hydrate your body and the skin.  Other popular kinds of beverages do not.  Drinks like coffee, black tea, hot chocolate, carbonated drinks, energy drinks and especially alcohol dehydrate your body.  They are okay only occasionally. 

 Water not only helps keep your skin soft, but helps to remove toxins from your body.  Drinking plenty of water has other benefits besides skin care.  Water helps keep your urinary and digestive systems functioning normally.  Water helps keep all of the liquid parts of your body flowing and helps give you energy. 

Donít Smoke

 This is a harsh but true skin care tip Ė if you smoke, your skin is screwed.  Smoking dehydrates your skin, as well as making your more prone to wrinkles and skin cancer.  Smoking can also discolor the skin on many parts of the body Ė not just in nicotine-stained fingers.  Smoking also leaves your skin smelling like an old ash tray. 

 Learn How To Handle Stress

 Another tried and true skin care tip that is often ignored is that you need to learn how to handle your stress.  Your emotions not only show on your face, but they do a number on your skin.  Some aggravating skin conditions like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), psoriasis and eczema are aggravated when you are stressed out.  You need to learn how to prioritize demands on your time and take time out for you.

 Donít turn to chemicals or food in order to relax.  Thatís another skin care tip thatís often ignored.  Chemicals will affect your skin.  Use meditation, a walk in the park, laughing with friends or petting your dog in order to help you relax.  Over time, these skin care tips will leave you with a healthier body overall.