Dog Potty Training

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Dog Potty Training: Get Started At An Early Age For Best Results

 Dogs are very cute and irresistible pets Ė thatís for sure. However, if they are not properly trained, it could ruin your home and furniture since they would poop as well as urinate all over the place leaving you at your witís end as to how to get your dog potty trained? However, you need not to despair since there are a few steps for you to follow that will ensure that you learn all that there is to know about dog potty training, and thus help your pet learn where to go when needing to pass stool, or urinate.

 Train Dogs Like You Train Little Children

 Dogs must be trained just like little children are trained and thus they should be introduced to correct dog potty training at an early stage when they are most receptive to learning and which will ensure that your dog goes out and does its business where it has been taught to go. After the dog is introduced to dog potty training, it will ensure that your home stays in order and you wonít need to spend time cleaning up the mess an untrained animal is sure to create. 

The first thing you should do is to crate your dog, since that is an important first step in dog potty training during which time you can keep a close eye on your pet while he is being trained to do his potty in the proper place. You need to ensure that he is not left alone for too long as he may do nasty while you are not about and that would defeat the purpose of dog potty training.

 Another important aspect to dog potty training is to feed the dog a diet consisting of proper food, which is important if you wish the dog potty training to succeed. You should be aware that certain dog foods are not so good for your pet, and such foods can adversely affect how it poops. In addition, you should also give the dog the proper portion of food, and remember that if there is more waste in the food, the greater is the likelihood of it wanting to eliminate. For more details, you can consult your veterinarian about which foods are correct for your dog.

 Yet another important aspect to proper dog potty training is to schedule his meal times as well as times when it drinks, and try and not give him treats before it is time for him to go to bed at night, and you should also give limited amounts of water, as it will not encourage the dog to drink out of boredom or because of stress.

 No doubt, dog potty training is a time consuming activity and you as the owner needs to be patient, and if you want to succeed, you can even take expert advice to get over whatever teething problems occur during the training period, and using proven strategies will bound to have a positive effect on your dogís eliminating habits.