Choosing Coffee Tables

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A Brief Guide to Choosing Coffee Tables

Coffee tables may not be the most expensive furniture in your home or office, but they definitely can make an impression in your living room or lobby. The room can benefit from a coffee table because it could enhance a room’s theme and save space with its “extendable” spaces or double storage with hidden drawers.

A coffee table reflects the owner’s taste in décor. The most common tables are rectangular with four legs, sitting about two feet from the ground. Some traditional tables are also available in square or rounds with different sizes. The majority of coffee tables are made of glass, wood and metal. Some are designed with drawers for storage, while others save space by implementing hidden storage. Other models have shelves underneath, which are used to hold books and magazines.

Choosing a coffee table will depend on a room’s theme, budget, size, shape and materials. While some people can make their own tables to fit their needs and tastes, others have no time or skills to make their own furniture.


For this reason, you need to identify the types of coffee tables available in the market. The first thing you need to consider is materials as tables are made in wood, glass, metal, aluminium, plastic and other materials too. Check out your living room or office lobby and determine what kinds of materials will be perfect for the theme of your room.

For traditional settings, wooden and glass tables can add elegance to the room, while modern themes can add style from coffee tables made of aluminium, metal, plastic, glass or a combination of these materials.

Size and Shape

The size of the table will depend on the space available in your room. For an office lobby, a rectangular table will give visitors a place to put down their things, while a circular table can hold magazines and books. The shape of your coffee table depends on your taste. However, be aware that some shapes could add depth to the room, while others can give the room a more spacious look.


The most important factor in choosing the table for your living room is functionality and flexibility. Some tables are designed to save space by adding extra storages or giving you the option of relocating the tables with a set of casters or wheels. Others ‘nest’ in to one another to save space when not in use.

Regardless of the type of coffee table you choose, you should never clutter up the table because it will only look untidy. The idea of coffee tables is to organize your living room in style and function – so choose wisely.




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