First Aid Camping Kit

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Carry Camping First Aid Kits For Own Protection

 It does not matter how careful you and the rest of the family are, if you are planning on going camping, first aid kits need to be packed in with the rest of your gear. Even the smallest cut or insect bite can turn into a major problem if it is not properly treated and many camping trips have been cut short due to infections. There are many different types of camping first aid kits available that you can find the one that will fit your budget as well as your camping needs.

 For short stays in a public campground the camping first aid kits should include band aids as well as a topical antiseptic to clean wounds. They should also contain items for insect bites or bee stings as well as gauze to provide a sterile dressing in the event of a larger cut. Most public campgrounds will have emergency supplies available to major accidents so carrying a litter, splints and dressing for major emergencies probably will not be necessary.

 Even if you go the entire season without opening it, camping first aid kits should be checked before leaving on the first trip of the year. You never know when a family member may have grabbed a few band aids from the kit while at home and when they are needed in camp, is not the time to find out they have all been used.

 Check First Aid Supplies Frequently

 Ointments and astringents that are often part of camping first aid kits do have expiration dates and before every season, the kits should be checked to make sure everything is still valid. Antiseptics used beyond their expiration date will not have the same benefits as fresh materials and you could still end up with an infection. Additionally, using out dated products on an open wound may actually invite an infection.

 This is also a good time to check on the supply of band-aids and gauze to make sure there are enough in the kit. While most camping first aid kits are available in waterproof containers, it is always possible that some moisture has leaked inside and ruined all or part of the products inside.

 At the end of every trip it is advised to replenish every item from the camping first aid kits that may have been used. It is easy to forget between trips that you might be out of something and the time to realize it is before that item is needed in an emergency.


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